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God Sightings

Our God Is Awesome

 Throughout 16 cents ministry God has been there. This will be a on going list of praises, answers to prayer and things ONLY God could have done.


Highlights 2013 - present

• Over 14,000 meals served at Church Under The Bridge per year.

• 40+ salvations 

• 20+ in rehab

• 12-15 nights opening up crisis shelters for low temps or

   snow, ice weather

• 40 + churches volunteers

• Groups driving from Raleigh, albermarle, Asheboro, Winston

   Salem to serve.

• Now working with Monday night feeding and prayer group

   in front of Guildford County Court House over 3600 meals

• Worked side by side with "The Chicken Walk" for IRC

• Co hosted Super Bowl party with several other groups.        

• Invited to speak in corporations and schools.

• SE high School choose 16 cents as their charity for student  vs

  facility basketball game.

• Never missed a week of service.

• 600 bibles donated to the ministry.

• New 16' enclosed trailer donated to ministry.

• Offering from TAG $2100.00

• Co hosted with Faith Wesleyan a Christmas dinner for 200+


• Everyday at 7:00am prayer happens all over NC for 16 cents. 

• One wedding performed at Church Under The Bridge.

• One converted person decides to serve jail time, saves

   several people inside jail.

• Moved to a NEW Location Sept. 2016



Bridge Art

Saturday Morning, Peaceful

This is just a sample of what can happen when God is in it. Please contact us with God sighting you have witnessed.

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